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Overview of McCarthy Print, Inc

The vision of McCarthy Print began in the summer of 1992 by Teri McCarthy, Owner and CEO.

McCarthy Print, Inc is a certified HUB (Historical Underutilized Business), as well as certified for the City of Austin's Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE).


In the fall of 1996, the company's production facility was located and operations began in the spring of 1997.

Every year some form of growth and expansion occurred, which resulted in extremely strong roots in the Austin Graphic Arts Industry. The majority of our customers are built on relationships that are over a decade long. We take our relationships very seriously. We don't think of our clients as customers, we think of them as partners. We share a common goal; success for both parties.

Our Approach to Business


Here we believe that excellence is a point of view. It isn't brilliance or getting the breaks. It is consistent attention and respect for the customer. This company is built on the belief that there is more to business than the concept of "order in - order out"...

McCarthy Print is built on the solid foundation of trust and mutual respect for the team that makes it all happen, and the customer that honors us with their business.

McCarthy Print Association Memberships


Certified HUB Vendor
100% Woman Owned Business
Certified Greenworks Provider
Austin Independent Business Alliance
Active Participant in East Austin Revitalization
Texas Society of Association Executives
Meeting Professionals International/THCC
Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Green Initiatives

1. We are a certified "GreenWorks Printer".

2. We are chemical free in the prepress platemaking department.

3. All of our inks are vegetable based and we offer a full range of recycled sheets.

4. Our flourescent lighting is new technology through Austin Energy High Efficiency Lighting System. With this lighting system, we have effectively accomplished the following: C02 reduction is 12.96 tons; we planted 21 acres of forest in Austin's parks; we eliminated 21,962 vehicle miles and we provided electricity for one year to 2 average homes.

5. We recycle all of our paper, metal plates and plastic materials.

6. The digital department uses the latest green technology of emulsified wax beads for imaging on the sheet.

7. Traditional water loving landscaping has been replaced by native and hearty Xeroscape, and the empty field next to us was planted in wildflowers this year.

8. In 2009 alone, our recycling efforts resulted in:
- 85.01 tons of paper being recycled
- 1,445 trees being saved
- 594,993 gallons of water being saved
- 32,298 gallons of oil saved
- 86 homes being powered for 6 months - 7,564 cubic feet of landfill space being conserved

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